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My name is Jim Clarkson and I have just (re) joined the SBA. I turned 70 this past year and have now all but retired as an executive coach, so I have a lot more time now.  As I move forward with my life I am embarking on a robust study and practice of Theravada style Secular Buddhism in combination with the psychology of wisdom research and ego development theory.  I connected with early Buddhism when I was 19 and read the book Siddhartha while in the navy, and have read quite a bit since then, as well as participated in various sanghas through affiliation with a local Unitarian Universalism group and most recently with the Center for Pragmatic Buddhism.  I believe I first became aware of Secular Buddhism through the works of Stephen Batchelor and have a wonderful memory of a phone conversation with Ted Messinger a few years back.  Most recently I have been watching and learning a lot from Doug Smith’s videos (YouTube).  I am happy to connect with anyone who would like to discuss secular Buddhism.  May you and yours be safe, May you and yours be well, May you and yours be peaceful, and May you and yours be happy!



Posted : 25/02/2021 11:57 am