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Online Dharma Sharing re: The News  

Sharon Reuler
New Member

I'm looking for an online sangha of experienced practitioners that explores the dharma viz a viz current issues. When my emotional buttons get pushed by the news, and I watch my reactivity, I long for a secular buddhist dharma exchange about the internal processing. Or, it could be an online book club of secular buddhists who read and discuss topical books. (I'm reading Begin Again by Prof. Glaude.) Or perhaps we could talk about certain youtubes, TED talks, and tv programs that raise questions about injustices (Like the PBS series by Prof. Gates - Many Rivers to Cross). If you know of such a group anywhere in the English speaking world, please let me know. Thank you. - Sharon in Texas 

Posted : 10/08/2020 3:27 pm
rickm liked
New Member

Hi Sharon,

I'm just wondering if you had any responses regarding an online sangha? I am not a very experienced practitioner by any means, but I too am looking to learn and grow. I do have my own Facebook page for Secular Buddhism. It is relatively new and we're just starting out.

I will post the link here with the understanding that it may be taken down if it's against the rules.

So far we only have about 20 members on the page, but I would certainly love it if you would like to join us.


Rick (Richard) McConatha


Posted : 10/09/2020 1:32 pm