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sha whit
New Member

Good morning!

Sha here, currently living in Baltimore, MD, USA.

Anyone else in this part of the world?

Although my personal practice is going well, I find that the Sangha piece could use cultivating. I'm curious to see what might be available here on SBA.

Happy Monday. 🙂

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Posted : 27/01/2020 8:24 am
Ted Meissner
Member Admin


So glad you're here and finding value in this different way to approach the teaching!

Posted : 29/01/2020 12:15 pm
New Member

Hi my name is Gregory and I live in the SF Bay Area. I hope we can all learn from eachother and have fun in the process. I ran into Secular Buddhism recently and found it to be a good fit for me. Ive studied Buddhism in the past as well as other religions but have always been turned off my the myths and superstitious. I have a website where I have been processing my journey through. Well thats about all I have to say. Thank you for creating this site.

Posted : 09/07/2020 2:23 am
New Member


My name is Nicol and I live near Glasgow in Scotland. Over the last 5 years or so I’ve become really interested in Buddhism and meditation, having never had any interest in religion up until then. There is just something about Buddhism that attracted me and totally appeals. I have struggled a bit over these years with the concept of karma and rebirth, but coming across the secular Buddhism podcast has been great, allowing me to pursue and practise the parts that are meaningful to me. I am looking forward to being able to communicate and share ideas with likeminded people. There’s not a huge Buddhist movement in Glasgow😂

Posted : 15/07/2020 3:54 am
rickm liked
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I'm Keith, and I live in Eloy, Arizona. I have been interested in Buddhist philosophy for several years and have practiced a bit. I appreciated many of the insights, but I never accepted the mysticism and supernatural aspects. I was impressed with Stephen Batchelor's book, Confession of a Buddhist Athiest, and am glad to have found a place to really explore buddhist thought in a secular manner.

I've already poked around the site a bit and am impressed by all of the information. Thanks.

Posted : 05/08/2020 10:20 am
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